About us

That's why we are called Bergslagen Cycling

Bergslagen Cycling is a collaboration between the four destinations of Örebro County.

The name derives from the fact that the first mountain bike areas in the county originated in Bergslagen. In addition, the mountain bike areas are mostly in the same areas as the different stages of the Bergslagsleden.

To make it easy for you, Bergslagen Cycling encompasses all types of bicycle trails throughout Örebro County. This means that a blue trail is as easy or difficult in Hjulsjö (northern part) as in Askersund (southern part). The same applies to grading for other trails. Some of the leisureways are signposted, but the signage may differ between the different destinations.

Road bike trails lack signage. All MTB, leisure and road bike trails are marked on maps and they available as GPS files.


Our symbol

Logotyp Bergslagen Cycling

The symbol for Bergslagen Cycling is the symbol for iron and has been used in the Bergslagen since ancient times. It is also used for the hiking trail Bergslagsleden and for the canoe trails. By using the same symbol for all leads, the recognition factor becomes great for our guests and visitors.


Askersunds Kommun Kumla kommun   Lekebergs kommun Lekebergs kommun Lindesbergs kommun   Örebro kommun   Karlskoga kommun Karlskoga kommun   Hällefors kommun

Laxå kommun Nora kommun Ljusnarsbergs kommun Degerfors kommun   Hallsbergs kommun


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